We specialise in creating and fabricating Electro/Mechanical functional prototypes. Hence we have capabilities in the following areas:

  • Robotics Prototyping: From doing those repetitive boring tasks or operating in dangerous or dirty conditions we design and fabricate robots of all shapes and sizes to solve all manner of problems. 
  • Mechanical Prototyping: We have a vast range of mechanical prototyping facilities including 3D printing, waterjet cutting, milling, injection moulding). Our printers include a range of technologies and materials including FDM, SLA and high strength variants including carbon fibre or kevlar layers. 
  • Embedded Electronic Design: From circuit and PCB design through to embedded software development talk to us about how we can design and tailor a digital embedded solution to meet your requirements. We use a range of embedded systems architectures encompassing PLCs, 8bit, 16bit and 32bit processors. 

  • Low Power Design: Have an idea that needs to run of batteries for months of years at a time? You need some good low power designers. From utilizing sleep modes through to optimising active processor resources talk to us about how we can create a design to squeeze more run time out of those batteries. 

  • Sensor Interfacing: Sensors tell our controllers what is happening in the real world. We can help you interface, mount and perform signal conditioning on these sensors to enhance performance. 

  • Machine Vision: Does your design need to see what is around it? What will it do with that information. We can help by designing and implementing algorithms using both traditional image processing approaches along with news CNN approaches to solve those tricky problems.