Recent Projects:

  3PR+ (Pipe Probe Penetrator Robot) is the big brother of PPPR. This robot performs double ended penetration measurements, copes with larger pipes and allows for tests at any angle around the pipe wall. This robot was built in collaboration with and tested with South East Water.
  WomBot is a small but tough teleoperated robot we built for research conducted by the University of Tasmania. This robot is fully equipped to traverse the tricky terrain presented by wombat burrows and includes cameras, a gripper and environmental sensors for conducting underground research.
  Escape Room Decoder Box is a small embedded device designed for Escape Room Education ( These decoders are used to create highly-engaging educational escape room experiences to enhance learning within classrooms.
  Pipe Probe Penetration Robot (PPPR): Worldwide there are millions of kilometres of concrete sewers. Unfortunately, these sewers are susceptible to corrosion from biogenic hydrogen sulphide (H2S) gas, and, although they may pass a visual inspection, the structural integrity may be severely weakened. This industry project, funded by IWN Victoria, was to create a tele-operated robot with a novel concrete penetration testing sensor to give a measure of the depth a probe can penetrate and the force required for penetration. Hence, the level of degradation within a pipe can be estimated.
  AutoMange: Sarcoptic Mange is an infestation of Sarcoptes mites appearing in many different host species. For wombats living in the wild this form of mange is generally fatal and involves a slow debilitating death. This industry project, sponsored by Griffith Components and an Innovation Connections Grant, includes a robot that can remotely monitor wombat burrows and treat wombats with Cydectin over a 16 week treatment period to halt the mite infection.

RoboLizard: Qinghai toad-headed agama are dragon lizards from China. These lizards compete for burrows and communicate through a series of complex tail movements. To communicate with these lizards we built our own lizard which allows us to precisely control and manipulate the tail, hence facilitating research in motion signal structure. This research project was funded by the China Studies Centre and was done in collaboration with the Peters Lab.

  Concrete Manhole Inspection Probe: It isn’t just concrete sewers that suffer from degradation due to H2S. Manholes do as well and are predominately made from concrete. This project is ongoing and will result in a probe for testing the integrity of the walls of concrete manholes.

R2D2: Some of our final year students have shown off their prowess in creating a full size version of the iconic R2D2. This creation even has some upgrades including text-to-speech, remote control with video feedback and hopefully soon drinks dispensing. Lookout for R2 at a La Trobe Open Day near you.


PyroShield: Fire curtains, as found in HVAC ducts, are drop-down thermally triggered fire-resistant barriers designed to block the spread of fire and smoke. Regulations stipulate regular mechanical drop-down testing as a visual inspection may not identify rust or jamming which may prevent a curtain from falling. But how do we test these – particularly when unlike in Hollywood we can’t safely fit inside them. PyroShield is a pair of robots created for this purpose – one with a lifting arm and the other with 7DOF control to allow the thermal fuses to be manipulated to perform the testing.

  Educational Escape Rooms: Escape rooms are fun and engaging activities which test teamwork and problem solving skills under time pressure. In a world first we have created an open source escape room decoder (soon to be released) and have created a series of engineering based escape rooms to help our students excel in engineering education.
  Animal Prosthetic Aides: Some of our engineers recently created a prosthetic wheeled aide for Phoebe, a kelpie missing one of her front legs. The design was 3D printed and custom fitted to Phoebe. We wish her all the best as she acclimatises to her new mobility. 

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